Interview: Doug Cash

Hello Doug and welcome to! We’ve been listening to your single “Emotional Treason” here at the office recently. Can you tell us a more about the song?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to hang out with me. Emotional Treason was inspired by a neighbor who was house sitting. She was really into this college class mate who would’nt give her the time of day. I told her: if he’s not into you it’s his loss.That conversation inspired the subject matter that focuses on self esteem and learning to be your own best friend. I’m very proud of that track.I recorded it with nothing more than a acoustic guitar. I felt as though it said everything it needed to say.

“Emotional Treason” has some very clean and simple production going on, especially when compared to some of your other songs,”Wouldn’t It Be Much Easier” and  “Love Thicka Than Blood” for example. Where was the track recorded? Do you work with a producer and did anyone join you in the studio?

I recorded that track at EME Studios in Sacramento,Ca. I’ve been producing myself since the 80s. I’ve been fortunate to work with engineers who are good musicians and more importantly, they are full of good ideas.On Emotional Treason it was just myself and my engineer Matt Erich.

The video for “Emotional Treason” was released last year and has over 128K views on YouTube. Congrats! It’s a moving video with some powerful imagery. How did the idea for the video come about?

Thank you very much for the props. I usually have an outline of an idea for my videos. Then I let my video admin Alfie Argentina do his thing and fill in the blanks. He has an exceptional eye and vision. He’s a genuine artist.

Your most recent full-length album, Doug Cash: Blues, was released back in 2018. Are there additional singles or a full-length album in the works?

I was scheduled, if only in my mind, to start recording my next album: Holiday For Dreamers. At the time it wasn’t in the budget. Then the pandemic hit and everything shut down. Hopefully I’ll get back into the studio this year, but my main focus is publishing and licensing. Music business all day, every day.

What role does California play in your music?

Even though I’m from New York, I was raised in California. It’s where I met my best friend and songwriting partner Jefferson Davis, check out his music on Youtube and Spotify, and my first and second wives. I’m thinking about moving to either Nashville or Tampa. Haven’t decided yet.

Your diverse catalog goes back to 2003! Who would you say are your biggest influences and have they changed over the years?

Actually my recording catalog goes back to 1986 when I was recording at Studio One in Riverside, Ca. with my engineer Mike Overlin. Great engineer, solid musician. Back then I was trying to get a development deal from one of the majors. No takers, oh well. My biggest influences are Sly & The Family Stone, The Beatles, Yes, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Kate Bush, Paul Simon, James Brown. I’m a sponge with a fly paper mind. My ears are always open.

Somewhat related, are there any dream collaborators you’d like to work with?

Sly Stone, Jimi Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Maurice White, Carol King, John Lennon, Alan Holdsworth, Jaco Pastorius, Kate Bush.

What impact (if any) did the pandemic have on this release?

I thought about playing some small gigs here in Sacramento, but it really wasn’t a priority. It’s all about the music business for me, 7 days a week. I have a team of licensing reps who are pitching my music for television, cable, indie films, feature films and games. That’s my main focus.

What’s next for Doug Cash in 2022 and where can people find out more about you and your music?

My label, Pryor 2 What ? Records, will continue to pursue licensing and publishing opportunities. At some point get back into the studio and possibly on stage. Thank you so much for taking to time hang out.


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