Interview: Davy Williamson

Hello Davy, and welcome to How have you been?
Things are good. Hope the same for you guys!

The single, “Cliché” comes off your new release, Down by the Fire which was released a few weeks ago. Can you tell us more about the song?
Cliche was a song I started working on years ago but was never able to get the lyrics and melody set up how I wanted. After getting back into the studio, it all came to me pretty quick. The song itself is drawn from two different experiences. Betrayal and Addiction

“Cliché” has a massive sound, full of big guitars, driving bass and thundering drums. Where did you record the song and who joined you in the studio?
I recorded the song in Fayetteville NC @ Back-A-Round Records Studio with Shawn Adkins tracking and Co-Producing beside me. I played and recorded all the instruments myself.

You’ve been in multiple bands before, including Third Class Passenger and Ma-Shot-Pa. How has the transition been to being a solo artist?
It was a confusing one, I loved playing in a group but also loved the freedom of doing whatever was going through my creative process at the time.

Down by the Fire is your first full-length solo release, following 2020’s “Thin Disguise.” Was the writing/recording process the same for this album as the earlier single?
I recorded everything at the same time, we just released Thin Disguise as an introduction single for the EP and did not anticipate the success that came along with it at all!

You reached #1 on the iTunes Rock Songs chart in South Africa. Congratulations! How did that come about? Was South Africa a targeted market for you or was it a surprise?
Thank you! It wasn’t targeted, however we did release internationally and for some reason it went big there, I was shocked to say the least.

You co-produced the new EP with Shawn Adkins. Can you tell us about what it’s like working with Shawn? How do you share production responsibilities?
Shawn and I are almost twins when we get in the studio together, we have the same attitude and honesty when working on the tracks and I think it comes across that way to the listener. Shawn is an incredible musician as well as producer and collectively I think we just use whose ears are better at the moment to listen for things to change or ways to make improvements.

Are there any dream collaborators you’d like to work with?
I’d like to work with Joey Cape (Lagwagon) or Dave Grohl

What impact (if any) did the pandemic have on this release?
It helped me kick off this solo music career, so i can’t be mad about that, I just hope that everyone makes it through and my fellow musicians can keep playing through when things start to get better.

What’s next for Davy Williamson in 2021 and where can people find out more about you and your music?
My team and I are working on a tour overseas Sept 2021 as well as shooting music videos. My music is available on all download and streaming services as well as all AMI Jukeboxes. (Available on Touchtunes in September.)

Find out more about Davy Williamson at