H.A.M. – Art Official Intel EP

Art Official Intel EP

01. Art Official Intel
02. IOS Flows
03. Cyber Tai-Chi
04. Cyber Security 101
05. Cyberspace
06. Cyberchicks
07. Tech Style

In the realm of hip-hop, innovation is key to staying relevant, and H.A.M. has undoubtedly delivered with his latest release. Blending traditional hip hop beats with lyrics focusing on his job in I.T., H.A.M. creates a unique soundscape that seamlessly merges textbook knowledge with the art of music. This EP takes listeners on a thrilling journey through the digital world, exploring concepts of cyber intelligence, technology, and the interconnectedness of our modern lives.

Art Official Intel: Opening with “Art Official Intel,” H.A.M. wastes no time in showcasing his lyrical prowess. He effortlessly weaves together technical jargon with clever wordplay, painting vivid pictures of life as a network administrator. The infectious beat sets the tone for what’s to come, creating an engaging and energetic atmosphere from the very start. The bar is set high!

With “IOS Flows,” H.A.M. delves deeper into his subject matter, taking us on a captivating ride through the world of Cisco IOS. The track’s production is both intricate and hypnotic, with its pulsating basslines and slick drum patterns serving as the perfect backdrop for H.A.M.’s sharp and witty rhymes. It’s a standout track that showcases his ability to find rhythm within the confines of technological jargon.

“Cyber Tai-Chi” demonstrates H.A.M.’s versatility as an artist, as he infuses the EP with a touch of Eastern mysticism. This track is a masterclass in balancing zen-like tranquility with electrifying beats. H.A.M.’s smooth flow glides effortlessly over the production, capturing the essence of the art of Tai-Chi while also drawing parallels to the intricacies of navigating the cyber world. Enjoyed the nod to Shakespeare!

One of the highlights of the release, “Cyber Security 101” tackles the pressing issue of online safety and the importance of protecting our digital identities. H.A.M.’s lyrics are both informative and captivating, providing valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity. The beat is pulsating and intense, perfectly complementing the urgency conveyed in his words. This track is a wake-up call wrapped in an infectious hip-hop package.

“Cyberspace” takes us on an ethereal journey into the virtual realm. The atmospheric production creates an immersive experience, as H.A.M.’s rhymes transport us through the vast expanse of the internet. His delivery is sharp and precise, evoking imagery of the interconnectedness of our digital lives.

“Cyberchicks” injects a dose of playfulness into the EP, exploring the intersection of romance and technology. H.A.M. effortlessly combines smooth melodies with clever punchlines, resulting in a catchy and infectious track that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, just waiting to hear how this all plays out. As with so many things in life, if it seems too good to be true…

Closing out the EP, “Tech Style” showcases H.A.M.’s unwavering confidence and style. The production is bold and assertive, matching the artist’s lyrical prowess. With its infectious hooks and tight verses, this track leaves a lasting impression and is a great way to close out the new release.

H.A.M.’s new release is a groundbreaking fusion of traditional hip-hop and the world of information technologies. Throughout the EP, H.A.M. seamlessly combines tech knowledge with catchy beats, creating an immersive experience that educates and entertains simultaneously. His sharp and witty lyricism, coupled with innovative production, makes this release a standout in the realm of techno-hop fusion. This feels innovative and fresh, and I’m wondering why Microcenter hasn’t signed this guy to their label! Highly recommended. And I don’t think you need to bother with the extended warranty, H.A.M. will surely deliver for years to come!



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