H.A.M. – N.O.C. Knock 2: Data Entry

N.O.C. Knock 2: Data Entry
A Cybernetic Symphony of Hustle and Motivation

H-A-M, short for Hustle And Motivate, takes listeners on a futuristic journey with his latest EP, “N.O.C. Knock 2: Data Entry.” Released on November 22nd, 2023, this six-track compilation seamlessly blends cybernetic beats with motivational narratives, creating a unique sonic experience that’s as innovative as it is energizing.

  1. HAM-OS: The album kicks off with “HAM-OS,” a track that sets the tone for the entire EP. The pulsating beats and futuristic synths immediately draw you into H-A-M’s world, where hustle and motivation are not just themes but a way of life. The production is crisp, and H-A-M’s confident delivery demands attention. Clever lyrics and a laid-back delivery are never out of style!
  2. Game Face V1: “Game Face V1” continues the momentum with its infectious rhythm and dynamic flow. H-A-M’s lyricism shines as he effortlessly switches between intricate wordplay and straightforward messages reminiscing on the days of old-school videogames. The track is a testament to the artist’s ability to fuse cybernetic sounds with a mellow and laid back energy. Xbox, Playstation, Desktops, it’s all in here!
  3. The Heist Pt2: “The Heist Pt2” takes a darker turn, both in terms of production and lyrical content. The storytelling here is vivid, painting a picture of high-stakes digital scenarios and calculated risks. The combination of suspenseful beats and H-A-M’s storytelling prowess makes this track a standout on the EP.
  4. Linux Flows: “Linux Flows” introduces a unique blend of retro sounds and smooth flows. H-A-M explores themes of adaptability and resilience, drawing parallels between the flexibility of the Linux operating system and the mindset needed to navigate life’s challenges. The production on this track is particularly commendable for its experimental yet accessible nature. And a Beastie Boys shout-out…tasty!
  5. Cyber Chicks Pt 2: “Cyber Chicks Pt 2” brings a dose of infectious energy with its mellow tempo and chilled electronic piano soundscapes. H-A-M’s charisma is on full display here as he celebrates the strength and (and potential scams) of cybernetic women. The track’s catchy hooks and vibrant production make it a potential crowd-pleaser.
  6. Game Face V2: Closing the EP with “Game Face V2,” H-A-M circles back to the theme of determination and focus and retro gaming. The revisited “Game Face” concept provides a satisfying conclusion to the journey, reinforcing the EP’s central message of staying motivated in the face of challenges. The production maintains its high quality, leaving listeners eager for more.

“N.O.C. Knock 2: Data Entry” is a commendable addition to H-A-M’s discography, showcasing his growth as an artist and a storyteller. The fusion of chilled sounds and motivational narratives creates a unique listening experience that is both engaging and empowering. Whether you’re a fan of futuristic beats or in need of a motivational boost, H-A-M delivers on all fronts with this impressive EP.

Stream “N.O.C. Knock 2: Data Entry” on Spotify now. Additional information about the artist can be found on Browhard’s official website.


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