Review: Sweet Vintage Rides “Road Trip” (Self-Released)

Road Trip

Like all of you, we love discovering new music! Not knowing anything about these guys (and gal), we hit the internet looking for some answers. Step one: Spotify. Easy enough and strong right out of the gate, if a little bit straightforward. Step two: Facebook, where the genre listed is the very wide net of indie rock. Funky pop/rock/country quartet listed under story makes a bit more sense. The second track, Little White Lines, comes out swinging with the fiddle front and center. Very country. With solid playing, clever songwriting, and wide ranging styles, it’s hard to any obvious weak links in this chain. That said, the 8-song album is all over the road when it comes to having a single, cohesive identity. Perhaps that’s a strength and not a weakness. Catchy hooks and solid songs, but if you don’t like what you hear, wait 3 minutes and you’ll experience something totally different.

Garett Gunderson (vocals/ rhythm guitar)
Shawn Kaminski (bass/vocals)
Annelin Messmer (drums)
Stan Gallant (lead guitar)



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