Interview: Tyson Fields

Hello Tyson, and welcome to How have you been?
I’ve been good. I’ve been working hard on a lot of new music.

You just released the new single “I’m Falling.” Can you tell us a more about the song?
The song is about falling in love and not being scared for the outcome.

Is this your debut release?
Yes it is I’ve been wanting to put a song out for awhile now and I’m so excited one is now.

I’m Falling” has some elaborate production going on.Where did you record the song and who joined you in the studio?
I recorded the song in my home studio and it was just me.

We’ve been enjoying the single here at the office all week. Are there additional singles or a full-length album in the works?
Yes of course been working on a lot of new stuff and right now I’m in the process of choosing witch one goes out next.

The video for “I’m Falling” is being released on June 4th. How was the filming process?
It was fun but cold Um for half of the day I was filming it was storming outside.

What role does Biloxi play in your music?
This is where I’ve grown up and my family and friends influence my life experience and influence who I am and therefore influence what I create.

You started performing at a very early age. Who would you say are your biggest influences and have they changed over the years?
When I was young I was influenced by people like Micheal Jackson and Bruno Mars and now I’m still influenced by them but also influenced by people like Bryson Tiller and Brent Faiyaz.

Somewhat related, are there any dream collaborators you’d like to work with?
Of course I have a lot of artist I would like to work with like jazmine Sullivan Bryson tiller and Ski Mask.

How was it performing at Disney World?
It was fun I won top vocalist and I got to sing in front of like 500 people

What impact (if any) did the pandemic have on this release?
I didn’t really have an impact on the release but it did have an impact on me performing it.

What’s next for Tyson Fields in 2021 and where can people find out more about you and your music?
Going to put out some more singles soon you can find me on all social media platforms @tysonfieldsofficial


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