the august arrival – All Blue and Gold

The august arrival has just released their 6-song EP, All Blue and Gold. This Yukon based group sprinkles in chiming electric guitars and lush synths, but always keeps Sara MacDonald’s voice at the center of the songs; clear and organic.

Clocking in at just over 25 minutes, the EP really deserves to be listened to as a whole. The songs weave into one another effortlessly and don’t deviate too far from the themes of intimacy and experience. There is a folk rock essence at the core of the release, threading the individual tracks together into a wonderfully-worn patchwork quilt perfect for those cold Canadian winters. From it’s heaviest moments in “Goodbye to the Sun” to the delicate extremes in “The Ghost”, All Blue and Gold truly is greater than the sum of it’s individual parts.

File the august arrival right between Iron & Wine and Joni Mitchell, gentle and powerful at the same time. Well done.

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