Bray & The Dens – Stingray

Bray Gurnari is a singer-songwriter with the fire and strut of the quintessential rock front-man, the moves and voice of the classic soul-man, and the quick self-effacing humor of a beloved talk show host. He’s also the principal of San Francisco-based trio Bray & The Dens, a unique alternative pop-rock band specializing in syncopated grooves, sly Bowie-esque hooks, and poignant lyricism.

The lead single from their upcoming record, “I Guess I’m Changin’,” offers an introspective look at what it’s like to realize you might not be exactly who you thought you were, but at the same time argues that it might not necessarily be a bad thing either. The song showcases exactly what Bray and his brilliant group of musicians do best; offer insightful, thought-provoking lyrics accompanied by exceptional musicianship!

The entirety of Bray & The Dens’ upcoming album Stingray, due out on May 20th, is chock-full of rockin’ tunes with slick guitar licks, expertly-crafted lyrics, and powerful hooks you can’t help but start singing along to! As soon as you hit that play button, you’ll quickly realize why this band is one of the hottest commodities in not only San Francisco, but the entire West Coast!

“Stingray” Facebook Live CD Release Party Info:
Wednesday May 20 – 8pm

Wednesday May 20 – 8pm – 9 or 9:30pm
Stingray CD Release Party
Facebook Live
Instagram Live
This party was supposed to happen on March 20.
Let’s show the world that ART is ALIVE!
I’d be honored if you’d join me for the release of the new album: STINGRAY
I can’t wait to share these songs and their stories with you.

– Listening to the full album
– Behind the scenes shares about each song
– Live Q and A
– Access to exclusive Stingray clothing and visuals
– Links to Stingray and other releases on all platforms

Cam Perridge – mix, production
Justin Weiss – mastering
Noelle Boring – video direction and editing, apparel
Matt Germano – drums and percussion
Jeff Marrs – drums
Jamie Browne – bass
Emily Palen – violin
Freya Cellista – cello


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