Gabriel Cancela – Into You

SONG: Into You
RELEASE DATE: 08/16/19

Gabriel Cancela is poised to release his new single “Into You” on August 16th. Known to many for his appearance on Swedish Idol in 2017, Cancela brings his take on modern Latin-Pop with an abundance of passion and proficiency. The track starts off with a simple classical guitar melody and Cancela’s exposed vocals. You immediately know he can deliver the goods and doesn’t need to hide his vocal performance behind any fancy studio wizardry. That said, the production slowly builds during the first 45 seconds or so, until the full potential of the song is released. Effortlessly switching between Spanish and English, Cancela switches up the accompaniment throughout, alternating between an intimate songwriter’s ballad and full-blown club banger that stands out above the rest of the Latin-Pop crowd. Ricky Martin would be incredibly proud.


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