Artist Spotlight: Josh Christina

Baltimore-based rock and roll artist, Josh Christina, is an old soul proudly raised by Jim and Patti Christina with a strong belief in God, country and work ethic. They’ve turned out a polite, well mannered, humble and even a bit shy son (when not on stage) that loves old cars, his family, his friends, his fans and definitely music!

He inherited his musical chops from his biological father (a drummer), his mother (Baltimore-area singer Patti Christina), and his grandmother, who was a big band singer in the ’40’s and ’50’s.

Josh spent the past 16 years honing his sound – a combination of the country, classic rock, gospel and blues he was raised on. And while most artists find the pressures of today’s music scene to look and sound a certain way daunting, Christina continues to find success in both Baltimore, Nashville, Memphis and beyond by doing what he does best – being himself.

Check out Josh’s new single, “Let’s Get Woke!”


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